Season changes can wreak havoc on your skin. The adjustments in air moisture and temperature confuse your skin and can cause it to act out. This is why our Vancouver facial specialists recommend having a facial at least once every turn of the season. Be proactive, and  prevent those finicky skin reactions. At Voka Deka, we want to help you make the freshest impression this time of year.

Whatever your skincare needs are, we have the Eminence Organics facial for you. The ingredients that are used to make these facial products are chosen with care and certified organic, with only trusted and tried combinations used to amplify your skin’s natural beauty. For a simple skin brightening treatment choose our Bright Skin Facial, where its ingredients help to diminish dark spots and amplify your natural beauty. Similarly, the Clear Skin Facial is available to give you an all around detox, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. We offer a variety of solutions for every skin type. We will happily figure out which Eminence Organics facial your skin is craving to soak up. Find your skin’s oasis.

Contact Voka Deka and find your skin’s oasis today. Call us at 604-558-0117.  We would be happy to help you get down to the bottom of skin’s seasonal needs.