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The holidays are here and so are the parties. Whether your sister is having an intimate soiree or your company is pulling out all the stops and renting out a 5-star hotel ballroom, you want to look and feel your best. As Vancouver’s esthetic salon our clients always come in asking for emergency help for the holidays. We at Voka Deka know how stressful this time of year can be but that doesn’t mean your skin has to show it. While we have many amazing skin care treatments and products, here are some simple tips to keep you looking radiant and those eyes looking spectacular.

Take care of those come-hither eyes by choosing the right colours and beginning your makeup routine with shadow. When applying make-up, put your eye shadow on first so that any loose eye shadow can be taken care of as you put on the rest of your makeup. Contact our esthetic salon for skin care products to help brighten up your overall look.

Massage those tired eyes to get rid of the puffiness. We are all social butterflies this time of year and that can take a toll. Gently rub your eyes starting at the corner and working your way up between your brow bone and eye. Keep gently massaging as you move down across the lower part of your eye. You should also note that applying blush too high can add to the tired look. But the easiest way to avoid those unflattering bags is to act like Cinderella and leave the party when it’s time. A good night’s sleep can do wonders!

Enjoy a drink or two but have a limit. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and can make the areas around your eyes look dull. Consult our esthetic salon for the best products and treatments to help rejuvenate your skin after indulging in one too many libations. Cleansing milks that contain hyaluronic acid and face masks that contain alpha-hydroxy acids are a great place to start.

The number one tip for making sure your eyes sparkle and you look radiant over the holidays is to enjoy! Contact Voka Deka for more holiday tips or treat yourself to an appointment with one of our skincare specialists.