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It’s the end of October and we’re well into fall. While you may still be planning your Halloween outfit, you may have noticed something far more frightful than naughty nurse and bad cop short skirts — sun damage! You may have had an amazing summer jet-setting to sun-drenched tropical destinations or you may have just soaked up the rays at English Bay, whatever you did this summer is still just a small part of how much sun damage you’ve actually put yourself through. It’s difficult to look into the mirror and see minor imperfections seemingly adding years to your age. Everyone wants healthy, luminous skin and now’s the perfect time to rejuvenate. While it’s dark, wet, and gloomy outside, visit Voka Deka Esthetics Salon for laser treatment to remove imperfections caused by years of sun damage from the Vancouver summers and trips abroad.

Come enjoy the state-of-the-art HarmonyLITE laser treatment. This is one of the most advanced treatments on the market for getting rid of discolouration caused by sun-damage. It also works against brown age-spots, redness caused by rosacea, blotchiness from spider vessels, and rough skin patches. This health solution is painless and long-lasting. If you’re concerned with the look of your skin, our knowledgeable team will give you a thorough assessment and go over the best options for your lifestyle. If you’re searching for answers to the imperfections caused by sun damage, our laser treatment at our Vancouver location may be the answer.

Contact Voka Deka to schedule an appointment or visit our convenient Vancouver location and we’ll be happy to assist you.