hard and soft waxing

To get your skin feel soft and smooth – book an appointment with 

our hair removal specialist in greater Vancouver in no time! 

hard and soft waxing

To get your skin feel soft and smooth – book an appointment with our hair removal specialist in greater Vancouver in no time! 

People may feel uncomfortable to get wax treatment for the first time. Our Voka Deka aestheticians have a great experience performing waxing treatment every day with the high quality.

Many people are familiar with the soft waxing, however there is also a method called hard waxing (stripless wax), offering a painless approach to hair removal.

What is the hard wax?

Hard wax is amazing strip-less wax especially for the coarse hair and is perfect for the sensitive skin.  The hard wax allows the pores to open more for easy and less painful hair removal. While the wax hardens it grabs the hair, then being lifted off the skin it pulls only hair and not the skin, and leaves no sticky residue.  Voka Deka has a unique European technique with no analogue in greater Vancouver, with the high quality and best results.

What is the Soft wax?

This method of hair removal is most ideal and popular procedure when strips of cloth are applied to remove unwanted or excess hair especially on large areas. At Voka Deka we use a pure botanical wax line made from the purest, most essential ingredients, including vegetal resin and natural bees wax made in Canada.  Voka Deka specialists have an impressive methodology acquired within 30 years of experience.

  • It is less irritating for the skin than soft wax or other hair removal options
  • Removes all hair of varied length and thickness (especially coarse hair) effectively
  • Prevents and reduces ingrown hairs
  • Skin is smoother after hard waxing than other hair removal options
  • Hair grows back slower than with other hair removal options 
  • Lasts longer than many other hair removal methods


  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after waxing,  as sweat clogs pores and causes breakouts.
  • Avoid tight clothing after waxing in the waxed areas, especially for the Brazilian waxing
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun and tanning bed for 48 hours and use a sunscreen afterwards
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, pools, bath and hot showers within 24 hours after waxing
  • If you’ve received a Brazilian wax, abstain from intimate contact within 24 hours after waxing
  • Do not use home care products for the first day after waxing as initial treatment includes moisturizing and nutritious care. For the next few days you will need to exfoliate your skin and apply moisturizer (Tea tree, Lavender or Hazelnut)

For those men who are uncomfortable with their back hair or excessive hair on other parts of their body (except “Boyzllian” waxing), we offer less painful waxing techniques to make them feel more confident. 

Feel free to call in to book your first waxing appointment with Voka Deka specialists.

For all types of waxing, please make sure your hair is at least 1cm long.  For the first time waxing, the longer the hair the better.  Subsequently, do not trim the hair, as we will trim it as required for optimal results. 

Wait 10-15 days after shaving before booking a waxing appointment, to let your hair grow to the desired length.

For visible hair reduction, book your waxing appointments every four to six weeks to ensure less hair and less pain.

Exfoliate a day before your appointment. This will enable an easy removal of your hair.

Yes, we do Brazilian waxing during your period, as long as you are comfortable with an internal care product (tampon, cup, etc.). Just ensure your skin and area of waxing is also maximally clean. Voka Deka provides hygiene products if necessary.

Waxing in an intimate zone requires personal hygiene to be followed to prevent infection. Waxing on the washed skin provides best results.  Please respect the aesthetician who will provide you waxing services.

Why Brazilian?

Women are choosing to get Brazilian waxing to feel sexy, clean, and beautiful. We specialize in providing quick, painless and sanitary Brazilian waxing. Our aestheticians have years of European experience to make your waxing as painless as possible and fill the room with calm energy and fun banter.

We have two options: the traditional soft wax Brazilian (with strips) or hard wax Brazilian (stripless).
Our aestheticians would be happy to help you discover which option is best for you!

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