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At Voka Deka, we offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting, defining and enhancing these features to bring out their natural beauty and complement your face and hair.

Your eyelashes and eyebrows can often be among the most overlooked features on your face. Compared to your eyes, nose, and smile, the brows and lashes can almost feel like they’re overshadowed by the category ‘first things we notice about someone’s face’. But, they become very noticeable in their absence.

For example, the Mona Lisa painting famously doesn’t seem to have eyebrows OR eyelashes. Even if you’ve never noticed it before, I guarantee that you’ll never be able to unsee it now.

There are many reasons to get your lashes and brows tinted. Maybe your new hair colour and brows don’t match anymore? Or perhaps you’ve found a couple dreaded white hairs in your eyebrows? Or maybe you just want thicker lashes to add a little more definition to your face?

Voka Deka’s eyebrow and eyelash services can help with all of those, plus so much more. When you come to your appointment, your professional esthetician will use a vegetable-based stain to minimize the risk of irritation, keep the tint off your skin, and use disposable applicators to prevent the spread of infection. We don’t cut corners at Voka Deka because when it comes to your beauty, sometimes the little things can have the biggest impact.

If your eyebrows have been looking a little down, come to Voka Deka and we’ll have them looking amazing in no time!