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2241 Granville St, Vancouver BC, V6H3G1

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Meet The Team

Dina Sarkisyan

Owner & Esthetician

While living in Europe she completed her Nursing diploma, Esthetician certification, Physiotherapy for Cosmetology diploma, Waxing certificate, Permanent makeup certification, and so on. The combination of her education, years of experience and skills has led her to become the founder of Voka Deka Salon in Vancouver. Continuously upgrading her knowledge with the modern approaches in beauty industry she advanced the range of services to include unique methodology providing exceptional service quality, which is hard to find elsewhere. As a result, Voka Deka provides absolutely every known service in the beauty industry today.

Dina Sarkisyan

Lucia Marleba

Specialized in all waxing and facials treatments, as well as body massage

Lucia moved from Italy in 1994 and has 20 plus years of experience in beauty industry with passionate love for people and their health. Her graduation from Dominelli International College of Aesthetics, topped with Laser therapy and electrolysis knowledge, helped her to enhance the spectrum of services she provides to people with different skin and hair types. Her lively and kind personality attracts people, brings them joy and makes them feel unique.

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Lucia Marleba

Olga Avseeva

All kinds of specialized treatments (except infant ear piercing)

Olga Avseeva will charm you with her warm and kind personality as she works wonders to your skin! She is a European trained dermatologist and aesthetician with more than 20 years of international experience. Olga has attended many special courses and training sessions in Europe and North America to enhance her knowledge and skills.

As a doctor in dermatology she knows that skin is the largest organ of human body and the main barrier between the internal body and environment. She is determined to give you a professional advice on how to take a great care of your skin from the inside by eating healthy to the outside by using a professional product and an established skin routine. Olga’s smile and kind words will remind you to keep balance in life.

Working Hours


Olga Avseeva


To ensure that all of our clients enjoy the results of our Voka Deka Vancouver beauty procedures, we look for organic, all-natural and hand-made mixtures.

To provide the utmost satisfaction and beauty, we only use top-quality products by brands that have been tried and tested for their effectivity. All of our staff are expertly trained and have the knowledge and experience to educate you on any beauty and aesthetic questions you may have. Our unparalleled results are what drive the stars of Vancouver to Voka Deka Esthetics Salon for top quality treatment.

Part of feeling and being beautiful is knowing that you have made smart decisions that benefit the world around you. You will always leave our salon feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and at the princess-status.

Owner & Esthetician

Dina Sarkisyan is the founder and owner of Voka Deka Esthetics Salon. She is a lovely professional, business woman and a loving mother of two amazing young adults, who mean the world to her, and to whom she dedicated this successful business model and named her salon after her boys’ endearing names – Voka Deka.

As an expatriate from Eastern Europe with voluminous empirical knowledge of high-end services, she implemented her vision of an excellent quality in the fruit of her life – Voka Deka beauty & health salon.


Her 25 plus years of experience in the beauty industry begins in Eastern Europe, where she graduated from Medical school and embarked on her beauty industry career in 1990. For 12 years, she owned a large European salon with about ten employees, where she perfected her esthetic skills and created long lasting relationships with an endless list of dedicated clients.


After relocating to beautiful Vancouver in 2006, she worked in spa industry accumulating North American beauty standards expertise. Having enriched her knowledge of European leading cosmetology trends with the Vancouver esthetic leading products and techniques, she obtained loyal and loving customers. By opening her own spa to share her esthetics expertise most effectively, she wanted to introduce the hard-wax hair removal to Vancouver clients; this type of waxing service was not known in BC at that time.

Established in 2011, Voka Deka Esthetics Salon first opened its doors at Broadway and Granville Street. I gradually built team of professionals, whom I trained and brought up to speed with diligence, expertise and love, and, eventually, the amazing Voka Deka team was complete.


Life is surprising and after two and a half years of outstanding success and customer satisfaction we chose to relocate our salon to its current amazing location at 2241 Granville Street (Granville and 7th avenue). The new location offers more space for various beauty procedures and opportunity to give our clients the best possible services.

At Voka Deka, we recognize the value of each individual and treat them as family members with courtesy and respect.

We believe that a client deserves safe and high quality experience that surpasses expectations.

We prioritize sustainability and the environment in Vancouver by using recyclable and eco-friendly products to reduce our impact on nature’s beauty.