Christina Dead Sea Facials

With Dead Sea facials from Christina: Smile and feel good -Your inside reflects on Your Outside!

Christina Facials Vancouver Specialists

Living in Greater Vancouver area and looking to get great facials? The several Christina Facials product lines, also known as "Dead Sea facials" offered by Voka Deka might be the answer.

Christina is committed to producing professional skin-care solutions with dynamic combinations of traditional botanicals and scientifically advanced ingredients. Based solely on pure properties from the dead sea.

Each product line addresses a specific skin condition by targeting the biological and environmental causes.

The good health and appearance of our skin depends on many factors-proper cleansing and care, use of quality skincare products, diet, stress, hormones, and exercise all play a role.

We recommend having a facial at least every change of season to refresh and relive your skin.

Biophyto Facial (60min) – Believe in the peel! $75
Biophyto Facial Vancouver

It is 100% pure botanical peeling solution, suitable for a large variety of skin problems such as seborrhea, couperouse, oily, pale, and hypotonic skin. It helps minimize the skin's sensitivity, relieves couperouse problems, and reduces rosacea.

Comodex Facial (75min) – Soon you'll be laughing about it.. $87
Comodex Facial Vancouver

Acne Clearance and Prevention / Deep Pore Facial.Comodex is a safe solution for oily and combination skin, acne, and acne damaged skin with the use of the most powerful antibacterial botanical ingredients. Comodex heals the primary causes of acne by exfoliating the outer skin layer, removing excess sebum and infections. Be in control!

Rose de Mer Peel (30min) – Show the world a better you! $65
Rose de Mer Facials Vancouver

A wonderful herbal peel, through a beautiful blend of 100% natural products such as marine plants, minerals, and salt. The Rose de Mer peel makes your skin look young and healthy with minimal skin trauma. It brings visible improvement to a variety of skin conditions, and can be used on clients of any skin type and age!

Forever Young Facial (75min) – Even the most beautiful things need a touch up! $85
Forever Young Facial Vancouver

A revitalizing treatment for face,neck,and decollete.Is helps to prevent symptoms of aging skin Forever Young formulated to prevent as well as restore,is based on scientifically advanced peptides and natural restoring ingredients,that penetrate deeply into the skin to retain a youthful, firmer skin tone and texture.

Silk Facial (80min) – When you have to look and feel absolutely gorgeous! $97
Silk Facial Vancouver

The silk anti-aging and pampering treatments, instantly improves wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity. An exciting new technique that incorporates real silk to soften, beautify, and rejuvenate the skin. Fibers derived from silk cocoons are infused into skin, leaving clients with tighter "lifted" feeling skin. After receiving this treatment, you will enjoy smoother, younger looking skin ... instantly!

  • Back  facials (30-45min)                                                                                                                                         $58-$68
  • Add Hydrodermabrasion to any facial                                                                                                                                         $18
  •     Add LED or Radio Frequency to any facial                                                                                                                                   $15

Please note:

 Please arrive 10 min prior for check in. We kindly require a 24 h. notice for cancellation. There will be a fee of 50% for late cancellations or rescheduling and a fee of 100% for no shows.