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Our Mission

  • At Voka Deka, we recognize the value of every person and treat them as family with courtesy, respect and expertise.
  • We provide each and every client with the absolute best service in a beautiful and welcoming environment.
  • We believe that clients deserve solutions that provide safety, comfort, and results that surpass expectations.
  • Since we are lovers of the world, we preserve the beauty of nature and respect the environment at every opportunity.
At Voka Deka, we offer the best in beauty treatments and client satisfaction. You will always leave our salon feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and princess-status regal. To provide the utmost satisfaction and beauty, we only use top-quality products by brands that have been tried and tested for their effectivity. All of our staff are expertly trained and have the knowledge and experience to educate you on any beauty and aesthetic questions you may have. Our unparalleled results are what drive the stars of Vancouver to Voka Deka Esthetics Salon for top quality treatment.
Out of respect for our clients and community, we use a number of recyclable and resource-friendly products in hopes to minimize our impact on the gorgeous Vancouver environment. Part of feeling and being beautiful is knowing that you have made smart decisions that benefit the world around you. Having personally tried and tested all of our products, our staff hand-selects every beautifying elixir and are constantly searching for the most effective, luxurious and extraordinary products on the market. To ensure that all of our clients enjoy the results of our Voka Deka Vancouver beauty procedures, we look for organic, all-natural and hand-made mixtures. This is in-line with our environmental considerations and our appreciation for boutique, custom and lush products.
Indulge your inner princess with Voka Deka today. Contact us today for all your beauty bar needs.