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My Story

Welcome to Voka Deka. My name is Dina Sarkisyan
and I am the founder and owner of Voka Deka Esthetics Salon.
I have worked in the beauty industry for the last 26 years, learning
and refining the best techniques available, to make my clients
look and feel their best.

  • European Education & Experience

    My story begins in Eastern Europe, where I graduated from Medical school and embarked on my beauty industry career in 1990. For 12 years, I owned my own European salon, where I perfected my esthetic skills and created lasting relationships with an endless list of dedicated clients. Along with myself, each of our dedicated team members has years of education and expertise in aesthetics.
  • Starting Out in Canada...

    After a surprising turn of events in 2006, I found myself relocated in beautiful Vancouver. At first, I hopped from spa to spa, picking up North American tips, tricks and skills. I learned about the local products and I compared them to the prestigious companies of Europe all while swapping my expertise with the Vancouver esthetic leaders. I eventually found myself dedicated to certain beauty brands and, once again, armed with a list of loyal and loving customers. I then decided it was time to pursue my dream, again, on Canadian soil. I realized that I needed to open my own spa to share my esthetics expertise most effectively. I wanted to better introduce the practice of hard-wax hair removal to Vancouver; a service that was, at the time, next to nonexistent in BC. The team owes our success to our drive to always be the most innovative in introducing new technology and procedures.
  • Voka Deka Opens it's Doors!

    Established in 2011, Voka Deka Esthetics Salon first opened its doors at Broadway and Granville Street. The name of the spa comes from the loving nicknames that I have given to my two sons: Vladimir (Vovka) and Daniel (Deka). This way, I always have my sons with me to inspire me to work harder, smile bigger and enjoy more. At first, I was my only employee and the only option for Voka Deka services. However, with diligence, expertise and love, comes success and supporters. Other beauty gurus began to take note of the Voka Deka brand, and, eventually, the amazing Voka Deka team was created.
  • New Location, New Opportunities

    Life is surprising and I couldn’t be more appreciative of my three irreplaceable team members for their endless support and care. After two and half years of outstanding success and customer satisfaction, we chose to relocate our salon to it’s current amazing location at 2241 Granville Street (Granville and 7th avenue). The new location offers more space and opportunity to give you, our clients, the best possible services. Thank you to everyone we’ve met along the way and all the superb people to come!