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Hard Wax Hair Removals

When it comes to waxing, everyone feels a bit self-conscious, especially the first couple of times. But remember, our Voka Deka Vancouver beauty-gurus have actually seen it ALL before and conduct the most intimate forms of waxing almost every day. Stressing over whether you're too hairy or not hairy enough is all extremely normally but entirely unnecessary.
Body waxing is probably the best beauty treatment that you can do for your body. It is gentler than using harsh chemicals on the skin and cheaper than using laser treatments to get rid of hair. When it comes to hair removal, there are endless solutions to get rid of unwanted hair. For waxing, many people are familiar with soft waxing, however there is also another waxing method called hard waxing, which uses hard and stripless wax. This method of waxing offers a painless approach to hair removal.
Hard wax is amazing on coarse hair and for sensitive skin because as it cools and hardens it grabs the hair and lifts up off of the skin, so when it is removed it only grabs the hair and doesn't pull on the skin. Most people find it to be far less unpleasant. Hard wax leaves no sticky residue, so it is easier to clean up than soft wax and is an overall less abrasive procedure.
Hard wax is strip-less wax. Instead it is applied slightly thicker to the skin than soft wax, and so become entangled in the hair for more effective removal. It then hardens and is peeled off. The wax is applied at a higher temperature to allow the pores to open more and for hair to be removed more easily and less painfully.
The benefits of hard wax hair removal include: READ MORE..
  • It is less irritating for the skin than soft wax or other hair removal options
  • Removes all hair of varying length and thickness (especially coarse hair) effectively
  • Prevents & reduces ingrown hairs
  • Skin is smoother after waxing than other hair removal options
  • Hair grows back slower than with other hair removal options
  • Lasts longer than many other hair removal methods
To not get any infections or reactions after the waxing, it is very important to follow simple home care rules:
  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after waxing.
  • Avoid tight clothing after waxing in the waxed areas.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for 48 hours or sun immediately and waxing and use a sunscreen.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, pools, hot bath, and showers 24 hours after waxing.
  • If you’ve received a brazilian wax, do not participate in sexual activity for 24 hours after waxing.
  • There is no home care the first day of your wax. The following day you need to exfoliate your skin and apply moisturizer (Tea tree or Lavender) for the next few days.

Experience silky, smooth and follicle-free hair today. Contact our Vancouver spa experts!

Procedure Female Male
Eyebrows $18 $23
Upper lip or chin $10
Eyebrows & upper lip $25  
Upper lip & chin $17  
Face(Lip,chin & sides) $33  
Underarms $18 $23
Regular bikini (the pantie line) $30  
French bikini (along pantyline top & sides ) $38 $48
Brazilian bikini + between cheeks(all hair is removed from top to bottom or a strip or a shape can be left) $55 $87
Between cheeks $20 $28