Hard Wax Hair Removals

Let your skin feel soft and smooth!

Hard wax hair removals in Vancouver

  • At Voka Deka, your health as our top priority ....

    WE DO NOT DO DOUBLE DIPPING in any specific area!

    But, we do believe it is safe to double dip your wax spatula. Why? Once you dip the spatula into the wax, it is covered in wax. When it is applied to the client, only the wax touches the skin, not the spatula itself . Also, wax has no shelf life, which means it never gets the opportunity to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

    To not get any infections or reactions after the waxing, it is very important to follow simple home care rules:

    Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after waxing.

    Avoid tight clothing after waxing in the waxed areas.

    Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for 48 hours or sun immediately and waxing and use a sun screen.

    Avoid saunas ,steam rooms, pools ,hot bath ,showers and no sexual activity for 24hours after waxing.

    There is no home care the first day of your wax. The following day you need to exfoliate your skin and apply moisturizer (Tea tree or Lavender) for the next few days.

    Please make sure your Hair is at least 1cm and don`t trim ,if needed we will do it our self. This is a intimate treatment, we appreciate when you take the time to come in freshly showered.



Hard wax is strip-less wax. Instead it is applied slightly thicker to the skin than soft wax,so become entangled in the hair for more effective removal. It then hardens and is peeled off. The wax is applied at a little high temperature to allow the pores to open more and for hair to be removed more easily and less painfully.

Benefits of Hard Wax

    • It is less irritating for the skin
    • Removes all hair of varying length and thickness  (especially coarse hair) effectively
    • Prevents & reduces ingrown hairs
    • More gentle on the skin
    • Skin is smoother after waxing
    • Hair grows back slower
    • Less painful and last longer

Hard Wax Services (stripless) Pricelist

UP TO $10 will be extra charge for "CAN YOU QUICKLY WAX THIS"
Procedure: Female Male
Eyebrows $18 $23
Upper lip or chin $10  
Eyebrows & upper lip $25  
Upper lip & chin $17  
Face(Lip,chin & sides) $30  
Underarms $17 $23
Regular bikini (the pantie line) $28  
French bikini (along pantyline top & sides ) $35 $45
Brazilian bikini (all hair is removed from top to bottom or a strip or shape can be left) $53 $87
Between cheeks $20 $28
NOTE: Cheeks are not included on any services.

Please note:

 Please arrive 10 min prior for check in. We kindly require a 24 h. notice for cancellation. There will be a fee of 50% for late cancellations or rescheduling and a fee of 100% for no shows.